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How to Apply

Instructions to Prospective Teacher-Trainees

  1. Download the application form.
  2. Take a print-out
  3. Go to any branch of Seylan Bank and deposit the registration fee of R.1000/= and the 1st installment of the programme fee Rs.14000/= or Rs.15000/= (Science or Maths) Account No. 0120-00206852-002 of Lyceum International School (Pvt)Ltd.
  4. For deposit purposes fill the deposit slip obtained from the bank with the required information (a sample image is displayed for your knowledge). Pay the money to the bank and obtain the carbon copy of the deposit slip.
  5. Go to the Lyceum Academy for Teacher Education of your choice, meet the coordinator and hand over the :
    1. Completed application form
    2. The carbon copy of the deposit slip containing the registration and programme fees
  6. If you have any difficulty in payment by 5 installments, please contact the Registrar on 2829744 - 5 / 2822387 Ext.125